February 15, 2009

Family, Hair-cuts, A night out!

Our February Family Gathering!

Ethan and Asa.

Zoe and Rose.

Mia and Grace.

Mia, Grace, Elijah, and Annalyce

Big brother is now reading stories to his sister!

So sweet!

Daddy and his babies.

Mommy and her babies.

New hair-cuts for Ethan and Mia!

They look so much better!! You don't realize how much they need a hair-cut until they get one.

A night out with friends!

We ate at Las Palmas and went bowling.

Matt and Jill.

Me and my friend Sherry.

Sherry and her husband Bubba.

Jason and Ashley.

Me, Sherry, and Ashley.

February 10, 2009


We took a trip to Tennessee to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We had a great time. CC kept the children for us from (Tuesday)Feb. 3rd until (Sunday)Feb 8th. Matt and I have not gone anywhere alone(without kids) in eight years. It was an exciting trip!

First, we stopped in Mississippi to visit my friend Steph and her family. This is me, Matt, Stephanie, and her husband Brad eating at the "Paula Deen" buffet in Tunica Mississippi. We arrived at the buffet 10minutes before it closed. Believe it or not the the food was REALLY good, I bet it would have been out of this world if we would have gotten there earlier.

Our snowy cabin in the mountains. It snowed the first day we arrived in Tennessee.

Our snowy mountain view. This was our Anniversary day!

Our warm fire place!

Our very favorite thing we did was going to Ober ski resort! We had a BLAST! It was very scary at first, but it was fun when we learned how to STOP and GO AROUND people. Matt did not like ski school and was ready to hit the slopes, I on the other hand did not want to leave the bunny slopes and thought ski school went by way to fast!

Matt in action. Look behind Matt at those tiny little people, that mountain was really high!!

Jill skiing! Notice the V shape of my ski's,I learned that in ski school! It was suppose to make you stop/slow down. That's how I skied most of the time.

We did simulated Sky Diving. Again, I was nervous at first, but the lady talked me into it when she told me they have 3 year old kids doing this. I decided I could do it if a 3 year old could!!! You can see what it was like in the back ground picture. The pictures they took for us did not come out.

We saw a great, funny,clean and entertaining comedy show at the Comedy Barn!

This day we spent hiking and site seeing in the mountains!

Matt is a perpetual rock finder, always has been since I've know him!