November 15, 2008


Ethan turned 7 years old this weekend!! For weeks all he would talk about was how he was going to get a BB gun for his birthday and go to the deer camp with his dad. He was so excited, we didn't have the heart to tell him deer season did not begin until after Thanksgiving, and no one would be at the deer camp. Our plan was we were going to get him his BB gun for his birthday and throw him a Star Wars party!! We figured Matt could bring him later and he would get over not going to the camp when he had his party! Anyway, it just so happened to be Youth Weekend in Mississippi, on his birthday, and all the members were bringing their sons to the deer camp! So his birthday wish came true!!

A birthday cake picture before he left.

Ethan and his new BB gun!

Dad teaching Ethan gun safety and how to shoot!

Can you believe this child shot his first deer on his 7Th birthday. It was a 5 point buck. Matt said all he did was cover Ethan's left eye, and Ethan did the rest. Matt also, said he thought he was going to see dirt fly after he shot, but Ethan is good shot, like his daddy!

Proud daddy and son!