September 30, 2008


We had lots of fun this weekend at our cousins house.
They live in Mississippi. Heidi and Steve were
so sweet to let us come!

It's hard to get any cuter than that! This is my
cousin Heidi's new baby Jordan Christopher.
He is like a Teddy bear!

Spencer, Heidi, and Jordan.

Ethan and Spencer playing Ethan's new favorite game
monopoly. Not just any old monopoly, but Star Wars

Sweet Emily! Showing Mia how to play.

Brennan and Annalyce. Annalyce just loved these stairs!

Watching a movie!


Mia absolutely loves her dancing class!
At first I was a little worried
about putting Mia in dancing, she can be
really shy sometimes. After her first class she told
me she loved, loved, loved me for bringing
her to her ballet and she wanted to go everyday!


So sweet, the girls playing dolls.

Big brother helping out!

We love our daddy!

Ethan, Katie, Mia, and Brian.

I think we live a little in the country!

September 7, 2008


Tuesday after the hurricane this is what we came home to. One of our trees fell over and hit our neighbor's house. It knocked their electric box off their home, crushed their A/C unit, bent their roof, and knocked out their bathroom window. They are still talking to us! We have really great neighbors!

Ethan, Abby (our neighbor) Mia, and Annalyce.
We were checking out what Gustav had left us.

Many trees have fallen into our pond. Matt says it will be awhile until we get the pond back in order. We were out of electricity from Monday until Saturday evening at our house. We stayed at my mom's house for the week after the hurricane. She has a house generator, everything runs, including her air conditioner! We were living the high life! It was a high life with a house full of people. Mom, Chris, Linda, her daughter Mo (and her dog ), Linda's son Justin and wife Brenne, their baby Kenzie, me, Matt and our three.

Ethan and Mia had a pet for the week,
her name was Piper.

Brenne and Justin.

Annalyce and Kenzie.
Kenzie is Justin and Brenne's new baby.

Mo and Kenzie.

This is Sunday afternoon at our house. It looks great! Our neighbor's nephew and his friend cleaned our yard. I am amazed at the before and after pictures!!