August 29, 2008


Ethan had a watermelon feast today at his school.

Ethan and his first grade teacher Ms. Christian.

My Mia.

Ethan and his big buds Brian, and Masyn eating

August 27, 2008

Mia's short hair!

Mia got a hair cut today. It is really cute!! My friend Leah had her girls hair cut a few weeks ago. Their hair-cuts were so precious, so I followed suit! She said to tell the lady... stack it in the back and cut it into a short bob. I guess you could call it an inverted bob. Two words, Nerve Racking !! Anyway, I felt like my hair was being cut off!! She cut, snipped, used a razor, etc. I kept thinking, enough already!! Finally, it was over and it turned out cute. She did have the messy look going. Hopefully, now she has a neat look going.