January 26, 2009

Annalyce's 2yr Birthday Pictures

These pictures were taken at Target on Annalyce's Birthday. I just could not leave Mia out of the pictures! Ethan was at school.

January 11, 2009


Happy Birthday Annalyce! Our baby turned 2! For the year 2009, we have declared that CC, the Poche's and us, will get together once a month for lunch. This was our first get together, so we bought Le-Le a cake and sung her "Happy Birthday!"

Can you tell, Annalyce really loves DORA!

CC's two sisters, Aunt Ginger, and Aunt Peggy, Aunt Ginger's son Brandon, daughter Jennifer, and up front daughter-in-law Julie. Last Sunday they came to have lunch with us, and we snuck in Annalyce's birthday for dessert! Thank you all for coming. We really enjoyed your visit! We are sorry Bobbie did not make it!

Jennifer and Aunt Ginger
Julie and Brandon

Aunt Peggy

Miss Independent helping herself to some more ice cream!

January 8, 2009

Braden and Elijah

Braden 15yrs. and Elijah 11yrs. (Rachael's boys)
They are growing up toooo fast! They are as handsome as can be! The boys visited their Maw-Maw after Christmas for a week.

January 3, 2009


We went ice skating New Years Eve afternoon, by the time the session ended we were all professional ice skaters! I think we were all a little nervous at first, except Ethan, falling for him was just part of ice skating! He left with his clothes wet!

New years Eve night Matt and Ethan popped fire works.

The girls watched the fire works from the truck!

Christmas 2008